Jasper County Cemeteries

Please submit your cemetery records and updates for researchers to share. Send your information to: msghn@outlook.com

If you know of a cemetery in the county that is not on our list, please let us know.

Antioch Cemetery 320137N, 0891210W
Bay Springs Cemetery 315846N, 0891730W
Bethel Cemetery 320255N, 0891616W
Community Center Cemetery 320444N, 0891230W
Corinth Cemetery 315028N, 0890311W
County Line Cemetery 314840N, 0891116W
Decedar Baptist Cemetery 321219N, 0891734W
Edon Cemetery 315038N, 0891843W
Enanon Cemetery 315730N, 0891114W
Enon Cemetery 315818N, 0890756W
Fellowship Cemetery 321143N, 0885620W
Garlandville Cemetery 321251N, 0890728W
Graham Cemetery 315208N, 0890912W
Green Valley Cemetery 321040N, 0885938W
Heidelberg Cemetery 315341N, 0885935W
Holden Cemetery 320031N, 0891737W
Hopewell Cemetery 320935N, 0890227W
Knight Cemetery 314830N, 0891649W
Knight Cemetery 314920N, 0891649W
Lake Como Cemetery 315755N, 0891258W
Liberty Cemetery 315229N, 0891510W
Louin Cemetery 320414N, 0891534W
McCarty Cemetery 320301N, 0890932W
McFarland Cemetery 315024N, 0885908W
Memory Gardens Cemetery 314956N, 0891032W
Montrose Cemetery 320723N, 0891412W
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 315255N, 0891149W
Mulberry Cemetery 320312N, 0890813W
New Zion Cemetery 315838N, 0891842W
Palestine Cemetery 320727N, 0891135W
Paulding Cemetery 320143N, 0890230W
Philadelphia Cemetery 315512N, 0890110W
Pisgah Cemetery 320724N, 0890636W
Pisgah Cemetery 315335N, 0890539W
Pleasant Grove Cemetery 320955N, 0885757W
Providence Cemetery 315133N, 0891742W
Randall Hill Cemetery 321139N, 0891308W
Read Cemetery 320313N, 0890821W
Rose Hill Cemetery 320801N, 0885857W
Saint Paul Cemetery 320613N, 0891405W
Saint Peter Cemetery 315630N, 0885727W
Salem Cemetery 315751N, 0885751W
Shady Grove Cemetery 315327N, 0885627W
Terry Cemetery 315607N, 0890919W
Union Seminary Cemetery 315139N, 0890754W
Vossburg Cemetery 315526N, 0885616W